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Quick Q&A: Cash Rodamaker, Lakeville South tennis

06/08/2013, 4:37pm CDT
By Star Tribune

Quick Q&A

Quick Q&A





Rodamaker recently completed his final season as a member of the Cougars’ boys’ tennis team. He came up one victory short of advancing to the Class 2A state tournament, both in individual and team play. Here is a closer look at Rodamaker:


The best movie I’ve seen in the past year: “Avengers” or “Tears of the Sun.” Probably “Avengers.”


Three words or phrases my friends or teammates might use to describe me: Encouraging; passionate; ginger.


Three songs I never skip on my iPod are … “Forever Reign” by Hillsong; “Set a Fire” by Jesus Culture; “Touch My Body” by Mariah Carey.


What are your three favorite apps? Twitter; Snapchat; Candy Crush. That’s my game. I crush that candy like nobody’s business.


Who do you like to follow the most on Twitter, and why? My friend Corey @clars24. He’s a stud. And Randy Moss! He has so much swag.


What was your first varsity practice like? It was freshman year in cross-country. I definitely faked injuries to get out of running. It’s too bad when those leg cramps come right before the workout.


If you could change one thing about high school sports, what would it be? Free ice cream for the winning team.


– and if so, what is it? I’ve been told that I can dance better than Usher. Watch out, ladies.


What is the best sports advice you ever received? It’s just a game. It doesn’t define who you are; but if played right, it can change who you become. Also, that no matter how well you’re playing, God is looking down at you with a smile on his face.


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